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I’m appropriating this article’s argument wholeheartedly.

The Economist:

«The idea of “cultural appropriation” is a dubious, harmful concept. Bin it»

I am becoming more and more skeptical about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They do address common problems. But they substitute institutional and personal trust with code. While all people are able to «debug» personal and institutional relationships, the overwhelming majority does not (yet) understand code at all. And they do not need it.

Michael Flaxman on Medium:

«Using a blockchain without a need for censorship resistance is like using a rube goldberg machine to turn the page on your newspaper»

A carefully argued point.

David Fuller on Jordan Peterson and the New York Times:

«You can disagree with Peterson, but many people are recognising that this fits their experience of the world — hence his popularity. That the increasingly boundary-less world we’ve created is not working and we need a reintegration of these traditional values.»

When Donald Trump is right, even Donald Trump is right.

This appeared in the NYT:

«An Islamist and revolutionary regime, such as the one that controls Tehran today, must never be allowed to possess a nuclear option – not a bomb, not a path to a bomb, not a nuclear program with the slightest doubt of its extent and military applications.»

Gutes Thema, gut geschrieben.

Dennis Sand, Die Welt:

«Das Wohnzimmer ist die Schaubühne der Normalität, und weil mittlerweile 2018 ist, ist das „Wohnzimmer“ heute nicht mehr bloß ein Wohnzimmer, das „Wohnzimmer“ ist nunmehr auch ein digitaler Raum, eine geschlossene Facebook-Gruppe, laut Eigenbeschreibung sogar die größte geschlossene Facebook-Gruppe Europas mit knapp einer Million Mitgliedern.»

You would never expect that all those problems were caused by a computer worm, the most devious and intelligent computer worm in history, written by some incredibly secret team with unlimited money and unlimited resources, designed with exactly one purpose in mind: to sneak past every known digital defense, and to destroy your country’s nuclear bomb program, all without getting caught.

Stuxnet was one great piece of malware.

Der Tagesspiegel:

Der Kongress sei von einer „Lobbygruppe“ der Branche organisiert gewesen. Und „die wollen im roten Bereich“, da ist Schmidt sich sicher, „alle Bewohner austauschen“.

Die linksgrün-identitäre Bewegung gegen den „großen Austausch“. Kreuzberg muss sterben.

Israel Has the Right and Obligation to Defend Its Border with Deadly Force:

One of the enduring problems in international dialogue about Gaza is that the Palestinian resistance is, quite simply, more vicious and violent — with ultimate eliminationist goals — than well-meaning leftists want or believe it to be.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Richard Kemp:

So the true and malevolent purpose of Hamas’s plan is to incite violence in such a way that the IDF has no choice but to respond with lethal force, killing Gaza civilians.